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JVC Camera remote control

From version 2.8, Streamstar SW allows users to remote control JVC cameras. This functionality is available for the JVC streaming camcorders, GY-HM650, GY-HM8x0, GY-HM200, GY-LS300 and newer models (the functionality requires the corresponding firmware version, please contact your JVC dealer for more information).

To operate this functionality, you need to turn the Live streaming functionality ON on the camcorder and enable the web access.

  1. Go to Camera Menu -> System

  2. In System, select Network and select one of the possibilities: "On (HDMI Off)" or "On (SDI Off)"

  3. Go Into Network -> Settings

  4. Select Web and enable Web Access. Configure a Login Password and note the Login Name (you will need the Login Name and Password to connect to the camcorder from Streamstar SW).

  5. Go back to Network Settings screen and connect your camcorder to network (Connection Setup). Refer to the operation manual of the camcorder.

  6. After connection the camcorder to network check the IP address of the camcorder. Exit the Menu and Push the Status button on the camcorder. Navigate to the Network screen. Note the IP Address and close the screen by pushing Status button again.

  7. Now go to Streamstar SW. Select the JVC Camera remote control and select the index, where you have the camcorder connected via SDI/HDMI, or where you want to have the camcorder connected via IP.

  8. Fill in the IP Address, User ID and Password (you should have this information noted from steps 4 and 6) and click Connect (the camcorder has to be accessible via network from the PC you are running Streamstar SW on) . If everything is configured correctly, the status of the Connect button will change to Disconnect and the features will be enabled.

  9. You can now use the buttons in Control or Zoom Control tab to control the camcorder. Also, in the Connect tab, you can enable the Tally Light Control (enabling this functionality will override the default tally light functionality). When Tally Light Control is enabled, the cameras Tally light will be turned on when the camera with the same Index as your connection is switched live.
  10. To start the Stream from the camera to the Streamstar SW, go to the IP Connect screen in Streamstar SW. Configure the resolution and Bitrate as needed. The Destination IP Address and Port are the IP address of the Streamstar SW machine and the port, on which the stream will be available (this options should not be changed in most cases. This allows more complicated network signal routing if needed). Click on the Start stream button and the stream will start (Please note, that any opened Menu, or Status menu on the camcorder will prevent to start streaming. Make sure, you don't have any Menu open on camcorder).

  11. You can check the camcorder streaming status on the camcorder display or in the Status dialog of the camcorder in the Network status.
  12. To receive the camcorder stream in Streamstar SW, go to: Settings -> General -> Camera Input Settings. For the corresponding Input (the same as the Cam index in the JVC Camera remote control section), select tje JVC-CAM as input and configure the Buffer Size based on the network quality (500ms should be enough for local networks). You can change the buffer any time as needed. Click Apply and the camcorder signal will show in the Camera Input.


  • The functionality is dependent on JVC camcorder model and firmware version. If you are not sure, if you have the corresponding version, contact your JVC dealer.
  • You can control the camcorder even if you have it connected via SDI
  • The network connections may require some configuration changes is your network. Please contact your network administrator for assistance.