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Windows reinstallation manual for units without recovery option

Older units that do not have Aomei recovery installed must be reinstalled manually.

Make sure that you have backed up the Install folder with all drivers, installation files of the SSW app, License key PDF.

Please follow the next steps to complete the installation.

1.Create a bootable USB drive with the current windows build.

 - download Media Creation Tool from page https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10

Run Media Creation Tool, go through the first steps and choose to Create installation media.

Uncheck recommended options and set the Language to English, Edition to Windows 10, and architecture to 64-bit. It will download all Windows 10 64-bit versions.

Choose a USB flash drive and put the USB stick into your computer.

Here you should see your USB stick. Select your USB drive and click Next


After that, it should start downloading Windows 10. It will take maybe 30 minutes, depends on your internet speed.

When everything will be finished, your bootable USB drive will be ready for the installation of Windows.

2. Installation of Windows 

To boot Windows 10 installation from your USB drive, you have to press F8 when your computer is starting. It is the same way as going to BIOS, but you are pressing the F8 instead of the F2/DEL button.

It will pop up small windows where you can select boot device. Just select your USB drive and wait few seconds to boot up.

After boot, this screen will show and you can install Windows.

-Select all options as shown.

Press Install now.

-Type your Windows 10 license key. There should be a sticker at the bottom of the machine, if not, check the DVD media which was included in the package of your unit. If you can not find it, just choose the „I don't have a product key“ option. You can use the license key after installation.

- Select Windows 10 Pro. Must be x64.

Accept the terms.

- Select Custom installation.

Here you can see your SSD drives (one of them is Drive 0 and the second one is Drive 1). One of them with 120GB or 240GB and the second one with 500 or 1000GB. Depends on the Streamstar unit model. The smaller one is the system drive where your Windows is installed, also you can see the smaller one with more system partitions. The bigger SSD drive is a data drive. The best way would be to delete every partition (you will clean both hard drives), if everything will be deleted, you will see just 1 partition on each drive as shown below. (Drive 0 with one partition and Drive 1 with one partition)

If you don't want to lose your recordings on your data drive, just delete every partition on the smaller drive (just Drive 0 or Drive 1, depends on which drive is the system drive)

After that, Windows will be installed on the selected drive. It will take 15-20 minutes, depends on the speed of your USB stick.

- After your Windows is installed, you have to do just a couple of last steps to set up your Windows. In this step, choose the region where are you, this will help set the correct time zone.

- Choose the keyboard layout you want to use.

You can add another keyboard layout or just skip this step.

- Choose Set up for personal use.


- Choose Offline Account

- Select NO

- Put a username. (Put whatever you want, we are always using „User“ as a username) In the next step, you can choose your password, don't need to use any. You can just skip the step.

- Next steps are about setting your Windows. We are trying to turn off every unnecessary stuff to save performance. Select Decline.

Also select NO in this step.

Select No/Basic on every privacy settings

That was the last step of Windows installation. After making this step the Windows should normally start as shown below.


3. Install support Team viewer


4. continue with setting performance settings.