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Recommended network configuration for streaming

You should ideally be streaming over an Ethernet connection on a dedicated (unshared) network.

Network speeds fluctuate constantly depending on numerous factors, so be sure to test your upload speed frequently.

Please make sure that you are connected to the internet before you start the Streamstae SW.

Check if the PORTS are open:

In order to send out your video stream, you will need to make sure there isn’t a firewall on your network blocking any ports. There are three ports that you want to focus on: 1935, 80, and 443.

Port 1935 – If you are to any private CDNs such as Livestream, UStream, Wowza, DaCast and others, then you will need Port 1935 to be open.

Port 80 – If you are streaming to YouTube or Facebook, then you will need Port 80  to be open. Port 80 is the same port as is used to surf the web (http://).

Port 443 – Another port to be aware of and to check is Port 443.  It is used to securely surf the web (https://) as well as securely transmit other kinds of data, including streaming video and related information.

There are many free port checking tools available online, but our favorite is this one from TheRealTimeWeb.  When you click the link – and press the test button – you should get “success” on the ports you need.  Frequently Port 1935 is closed – and that can be a show stopper.  Don’t blindly trust what you’re told, do check for yourself.

If you are using UDP input stream and you do not see the input signal it is best to check the firewall and make sure that it is turned OFF as well as if the port used by UDP stream is not blocked.