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Lead IN and Lead OUT wipes demo

Lead IN and Lead OUT Wipes in Streamstar Replays from STREAMSTAR on Vimeo.

This demo video is showing an example of how to use a different wipe for the Lead IN and the Lead OUT wipes in Streamstar replays system.
There are 2 different wipes used (the 2nd is actually a reversed 1st one).
The purpose of that is to make the Replay content visible as much as possible - in other words, to cover the least number of frames of the Replay by the wipes, when entering and exiting the Replay.

Pause the video if necessary so you can clearly see the duration difference between the IN and OUT animation parts within each wipe. The cut from and to a Live camera happens when the full frame is covered by the wipes.

Please read the "Creating Custom Wipes" tutorial in the Replays and Slow Motion Section of this support portal  to see a diagram of how the wipes are made and their specifications.