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Streamstar SW changelog

In this article, we will list all changes to released version of Streamstar SW:


Release date: 04.08.2017



  • Remember configured streaming destinations (except those that require user to log in - Facebook, JVC Videocloud)



  • Media In/Out playlist - indication of In/Out in video



  • Tally functionality
  • AAC sound in streaming
  • Several fixes for JVC PTZ cameras - cam 4 group movement, white balance preset , white paint 

Release date: 19.06.2017



  • New GUI - changes in camera preview, pip and split operation, pip and split preview, transition and crossfade setting
  • Replay freeze - by using the keyboard shortcut, freezes the played replay until unfrozen with the same key or switched to different content
  • PTZ Group menu - allows to move multiple PTZ cameras to selected presets at the same time
  • NVENC -encoding using Nvidia graphics card, uses less use of CPU
  • Multidestination streaming - it is not possible to simultaneously stream to a maximum of 5 destinations
  • Media In/Out points - the user is able to set where to start and finish playing of a media file



  • Check for previous Streamstar SW installation and compatibility of Blackmagic Design Driver before installation of 4.0 starts
  • Added support for new input/output cards and updated some of the existing cards.
  • Updated Facebook API, fixed several features that Facebook stopped supporting