Supported cards up to version 4.x

Streamstar SW currently supports the following input and output video cards.

More cards from the same manufacturer might work. 
Even if the card has more Inputs, you can use maximum of 4 inputs at the same time.
Even if the card has more Outputs, you can have only 1 output active.

Click on the Brand or Model name to get more information about the card.

Brand Model Inputs/Outputs
Streamstar KIT KIT HDMI 4x HDMI Input
1x DVI/HDMI Input
AJA KONA® 4 4x HD-SDI Input
Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad 4x HD-SDI Input
DeckLink Mini Recorder 1x HD-SDI or HDMI Input
DeckLink Mini Monitor 1x HD-SDI Output
1x HDMI Output
DeckLink SDI 4K 1x HD-SDI Input
1x HD-SDI Output
DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K 1x HD-SDI Output
1x HDMI Output
DeckLink Duo 2 4x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
DeckLink Quad 2 8x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
bluefish444 EPOCH | NEUTRON 3x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
EPOCH | SUPERNOVA CG 4x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
EPOCH | 4K SUPERNOVA S+ 4x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
DekTec DTA-2154 4x HD-SDI Input
Deltacast DELTA-3G-elp 40 4x HD-SDI Input
DELTA-hd-elp-d 62 6x HD-SDI Input
2x HD-SDI Output
DELTA-dvi-e 10 1x DVI Input
Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI gen. 1 1x HDMI Input
XI100XE 1x HDMI Input
XI200DE-HDMI 2x HDMI Input
XI400DE-HDMI 4x HDMI Input
XI200DE-SDI 2x HD-SDI Input
XI400DE-SDI 4x HD-SDI Input
XI102XE-HD 1x HDMI/DVI Input
2x HD-SDI Input
Pro Capture HDMI 1x HDMI Input
Pro Capture Dual HDMI 2x HDMI Input
Pro Capture Quad HDMI 4x HDMI Input
Pro Capture Dual SDI 2x HD-SDI Input
Pro Capture Quad SDI 4x HD-SDI Input
Matrox VS4 4x HD-SDI Input
X.mio3 8x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable
DSX LE4 LP 8x HD-SDI Input/Output, configurable