Replay Wipes - Usage and Settings

Replay Wipes are Lead In/Out animations used as In/Out transitions for Replays.
They present a great opportunity to enhance your live production visually by introducing commercial content (Sponsors Logos, Commercial partners Logos ...) into your Live pro production. It is a widely accepted way of displaying commercial content without disturbing the flow of your live production and a very important revenue source for the producers of your Live Event.

To setup the use of Wipes go to the Settings -> Replays -> Wipes Tab.
The following settings appear in the CMA - Content Management Area of the Streamstar SW user interface.

The following settings are available:

1. WIPE MODE (chose the way Wipes are applied to replays)

Options are:

  • NO WIPE - the use of wipes is turned OFF
  • FILE - only one wipe file is used for all Replays
  • SEQUENCE - checked wipes are used in Sequence in the order as they appear in the list
  • SHUFFLE - wipes are used randomly


  • In the drop down Wipe List checkmark the Wipes you wish to use as transition with Replays
  • Choose the Wipe directory by clicking the Folder icon  (by default Wipes in The Wipes directory are displayed)
  • Manage the content of the Wipe directory by the Windows Folder icon - it opens a standard Windows OS to manage the content of the selected directory)


This feature gives you a precise information about how many times a particular wipe was displayed by the Replay system.
It is a very important information for monetising purposes. You can base you invoicing on a concrete number of views per wipe.


Clicking the red RESET button will reset the statistics display - set all to [ 0 ].



To learn how to make your own Custom Wipes read this article: Creating Custom Wipes for Streamstar SW



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Different Lead In and Lead OUT wipes usage demo: