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Inserts / Graphics layers info

Streamstar SW supports 3 layers of graphics Inserts that are superimposed over the cameras layer.


Use static media(*.png) or animated media file with alpha channel (*.flv).
The animated file is looped, when the Insert/layer is turned on.

Select a Logo file in: Settings ->Inserts -> Logo Tab


Inserts of graphics media. Use of static media in .png format or animated files with alpha channel in .flv format is supported. For quick access there are 10 memory slots in which media files are loaded from a selected Media Directory. Chose the Ovelays directory and hit LOAD - the first 10 files are loaded into the 10 slots. The files can be instantly inserted into PGM using the 10 media preview buttons as long as the OVERLAYS channel is active (in the INSERTS section on top left).



DVI/HDMI input with simple keying possibilities, that allows you to insert various signals from external sources. For example a PowerPoint presentation, scores, timers, tickers, ...you can prepare it on an external laptop and ingest it into Streamstar software via HDMI/DVI insert.

In the INSERTS SETTINGS select a color to be keyed out for transparency.