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Windows 10 performance setup for Streamstar SW

Windows is a multi-purpose operating system and various settings can improve its performance for one application, but decrease performance for another. There are several things that improve the performance for use of Streamstar SW.

Please, DO NOT follow this guide for Scoreplus.

1. Power options

In the Control Panel, select power options. Make sure, that "High performance" is selected.


2. Performance Settings

In Control Panel, open system. On the left menu, go to "Advanced system settings". 

Click on the settings button in the performance section.

In Performance options, select custom. Unselect all options and make sure, that only 2 are checked

3. Nvidia Setting

Each time, you update drivers for your NVIDIA Graphics cards (GPU), check that you have the settings as followed. Thepossibilitiescanbelittledifferent, as they depend on the GPU model and driver version. Try to get closest to these settings as possible.

Open NVIDIA Control Panel (from the start menu or by right-click on the desktop). In the menu select "Manage 3D settings"