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List of supported file types


".mp4", ".m4v", ".wmv", ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".ts", ".avi", ".flv"  From version 6.4 support "MOV" file



".flv" , ".png"  From version 6.4 support "MOV" file



".flv" From version 6.4 support "MOV" file


CG background:

".flv" , ".png"  From version 6.4 support "MOV" file


Background (if cam signal drops out):

".png"  resolution 1920x1080


For video files:

 Please, don't put there any high bitrate content. The best would be to use 720/1080p60/50 content @ 4-5 Mbps as the top level of bitrate.


Parameters for export of "MOV":

MOV files with transparency support. Supported are ProRes V1, 4444, codec ap4h, colorspace yuva444p12le (BT.709).

Recommended is to use 25-50Mbps bitrate for simultaneous usage of multiple layers at the same time.

If Only one MOV file will be played at once, the bitrate can go up to 100Mbps. Higher bitrates are not recommended due to performance load.